As a CFO, you have surely noticed that more and more responsibility has been delegated to you. Effectplan – developed by financial professionals for financial professionals – is here to help you and your accounting department overcome your challenges and make you a stronger player in the company’s future management.

  • Unifies all related processes to meet management’s strategic targets.
  • No more overtime and overworked staff.
  • No hassle and more time for analysis.
  • Planning from operations that you can track on an ongoing basis.
  • Financial controls and variance monitoring.
  • Collaboration and teamwork throughout the organization.
  • Streamlines processes for organizational and operational management with full transparency.

Time to focus on your work and analysis.

Effectplan gives you time for analysis, a more solid foundation and more efficient use of resources in the accounting department. Peace and quiet, no overtime, no burned out controllers, plain and simple. But also more in-depth focus and greater team spirit.

Stronger and more focused.

Use strong forecasts for future management and spend less time on the past thanks to Effectplan’s powerful streamlining and the time it saves you. Look forward. Steer instead of looking in the rearview mirror.


You need to develop, implement, monitor and manage your strategy. Effectplan enables you to do all of this in a single system. This enables total financial organizational management integrated with your BI solution. You develop and monitor your strategy in the same system in which the controller manages implementation. You get an automated uniform solution that includes and unifies strategic, financial and operational planning, consolidation, financial data, profitability and delivery of reports. Experience the peace of mind that this new control gives you.

Take your planning into the future