Controllers have to deal with complex financial issues on a daily basis. The results have to be produced quickly and reported in the right context. There is little time for analysis. There is unutilized potential in you that you and your organization have everything to gain from utilizing.

We think that you want to use your time for more analysis and do justice to your skills. Effectplan helps you do just that. And you get less hassle and a stronger position in your organization on top of that.

  • The security of tracking the entire planning process centrally.
  • Quality in plans and the process without creating stress.
  • Promotes collaboration and teamwork throughout the organization without requiring budget meetings.
  • Financial controls and variance monitoring.
  • Effectplan streamlines processes for organizational and operational management with full transparency.
  • A whole new hassle-free environment with time to focus on your work. No overtime or overworked staff.
  • Quality and control over the planning process.

A system made with you in mind

Normally you use systems others have chosen. They get the job done, but are not always ideal. Effectplan is developed by financial professionals for controllers like you and your organization, on the basis of a modern and time-saving working method.

Satisfied CFO sees higher quality

With Effectplan, you can use a uniform and common strategy to run and manage multiple business processes. From the strategic plan, the first annual budget, the monthly forecast, closing the books and generating reports to analyzing results and profitability as well as producing high-quality supporting documents for management.

More effective relationship with cost centers

You own the planning processes, your work is smoother and you delegate more to cost center coordinators, who take responsibility for entering their figures on their own. Pre-entered figures by cost center coordinators leads to more efficient and better prepared meetings.

With time left for analysis

The system gives you scope and allows your analytical skills to shine and add value for the company. No more stress and overtime. Your working day will be significantly calmer with time for what is actually important.

A stronger position

You can spend the extra time gained on issues where your analytical skills help the CFO and the company move forward. You also get a stronger position vis-a-vis the cost center coordinators and become part of a stronger form of collaboration and teamwork throughout the organization.

Consultant independence

Effectplan is designed to support the activities of the entire organization. The environment is user-friendly and is programmed to understand scripting language or complicated calculation engines. All attention can instead be focused on the business’s targets. You manage upgrades yourself – with a minimal need for external or internal consultants.

Take your planning into the future