Financial planning in the cloud

The powerful planning tool that makes you consultant independent


Tailor made

The financial planning tool is easily tailored so that users can make their budget and forecast based on their own perspective. Various functions are combined to give you the support you need.


The financial planning tool can be easily adapted when you grow both in terms of the number of users and when the planning model changes.


The financial planning tool simplifies the budget and forecasting process so that it can be performed more often without increased resource consumption. A variety of functions make it easier for both process owners and budget managers.

Consultant independent

Modular design

The financial planning tool is built with a modular design that allows you to manage and further develop your own solution. Templates, calculations, and other logic are configured using drag-and-drop technology.

Cloud based

The financial planning tool is offered as a service in the cloud, which means that you don't have to think about the IT infrastructure yourself. It is kept functional, updated, secure and scaled to your needs.

One code base

The financial planning tool is provided in only one code base, which means that no customer has a unique code. You thus avoid bringing in consultants to handle customer-unique adaptations as soon as you want to make a change.

Customer references

Since its inception in 2012, Effectplan has delivered solutions to a number of more and less well-known organizations of different sizes and in different sectors. The customers have users in over 100 different countries.


The financial planning tool has a variety of features in the following categories:

  • Budget and forecast
  • Report and analysis
  • Integration and data connections


Effectplan cooperates with a few selected companies. These maintain resources and competence to be able to deliver Effectplan in the Nordic countries.

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