Developing a strategy for the company is one thing. Ensuring that the strategy works is something entirely different. With Effectplan, as a CEO, you can develop and monitor the strategy in the same system used by, among others, the CFO and controller.

Effectplan i brief

  • Creates a healthy, strong, analytical, and efficient finance department
  • Supports integrated, streamlined, and consistent performance management
  • Provides support in meetings with your board, investors, and stakeholders
  • Unifies and simplifies your business processes
  • Facilitates collaboration throughout the organization for a shared corporate strategy
  • Helps you optimize and monitor the company's results

Unified control

With Effectplan, the organization gains a shared tool to support finance and control functions at all levels. The tool unifies all related processes, from strategic and operational planning to forecasting and reporting.

Clear goal management

Effectplan helps the organization align all parts towards a common goal. The control extends from the ability to monitor at an overall level to deep dives into selected areas, including comments from responsible parties. Conduct analyses, take direct action, or notify others to take action.

Increased tranquility

Comprehensive financial performance management with data-driven insights fosters well-informed decision-making, providing peace of mind when engaging with investors, stakeholders, or the board during budget discussions.

Sharpness and analysis

You get a stronger and more analytical finance department, which works more calmly, methodically and more efficiently. The gains are both in more sharpness and depth and in employees who feel well and can be used fully without overtime.