As a CFO, you have surely noticed that your role has become increasingly responsible. Effectplan, developed by financial experts for financial experts, is designed to assist you and your finance department in managing your challenges and becoming a stronger player in the company's future governance..

  • A calmer workplace - More time for analysis
  • Streamlines processes for organizational and operational control with full transparency
  • Collaboration and teamwork throughout the organization
  • Financial controls and variance monitoring
  • Operational planning that you can monitor continuously
  • No stress and more time for analysis
  • No more overtime and overworked staff

Calmer workplace - time for analysis

Effectplan gives you time for analysis, better foundational data, and better resource utilization in the finance department. Peace of mind, no overtime, no burned-out controllers, plain and simple. But also, a more profound focus and stronger team spirit.

Stronger and forward-looking

Utilize robust forecasts to manage the future and spend less time on what has already happened, thanks to Effectplan's powerful streamlining and time savings. Look ahead. Take control instead of looking in the rearview mirror.

Improved control

Strategy development, implementation, monitoring, and management all happen in a single system with Effectplan. You gain comprehensive business management integrated with your BI solution. You develop and track the strategy in the same system where the controller function handles implementation. You have an automated, unified solution that includes and combines strategic, financial, and operational planning, consolidation, financial data, profitability, and report distribution. Experience the peace of mind that this new level of control brings.

"We have acquired a modern budgeting and forecasting tool that has not only enabled us to achieve a more efficient workflow but has also resulted in better quality in financial management and increased participation in the organization."


"The seamless transition from Effectplan to the analysis tab, where I enter my budget information and can compare it with the results, is really great."

Inger Söderström, CFO, Bluegarden