Effectplan is a powerful financial planning tool that you own and manage yourself without having to rely on consultants. It is easy to customize, scalable and makes the process efficient. Thanks to its modular design, being cloud-based and using "One-Code-Base" technology, you will achieve consultant independence.
The functionality of the budget tool can be divided as follows. 

Financial planning

The financial planning tool has anumber of features thah may be combined differently to fit your unique needs. It is build to provide:

  • Increased participation
  • Greater commitment
  • More efficient planning process

Report & analysis

The financial planning tool includes a report and analysis module. It gives users access to real-time updated data and thus:

  • Continuous performance overview
  • Quick feedback
  • Value-creating discussion material

Integration & data connections

The financial planning tool is prepared for integration both regarding import and export of data. It gives:

  • Up-to-date starting point in the planning
  • Updated data in existing BI-tool
  • Possibility to reuse existing BI-investment

Financial planning

The planning model is designed so that users can quickly and easily understand and contribute int the planning process. You choose which parameters are controlled centrally and locally. Calculation logic is added so users can focus on what matters most. Workflow can be set up to ensure quality in the planning. Examples of planning where Effectplan is used:

  • Profit & loss - and Balance sheet - planning
  • Personnel expenses on individual level or by role
  • Service- and product revenues including cost of sales
  • Investments and depreciations
  • Cash flow planning
  • Project planning
  • Percentage of completion planning
  • More +++

Report and analysis

Effectplan provides real-time updated reports and reuses set rules for authorization control. Results and key figures can be presented in both tables and diagrams and highlighted on role-based dashboards.

It provides the prerequisites for continuous iteration, value-creating discussions and better resource prioritization.

Integration and data connections

Effectplan is prepared for easy integration. There are ready-made data connections for:

  • Import of data from modern cloud-based ERP-systems.
  • Export of data to any SQL-database.

In addition to this, all relevant data can be retrieved or loaded through the standardized REST-based API.

Integration increases the quality of financial planning as well as analysis of its outcome.

For the construction industry

A short video that presents what Effectplan can do for you who work in the construction industry in roles such as project controller and project manager.

For retailers

A short video that presents what Effectplan can do for you who work in the retail sector in roles such as controller and operations manager.

For municipalities

A short video that gives an insight into Effectplan and its possibilities to meet the challenges within municipal operations.
(In Swedish)