Available modules and integrated solutions in Effectplan

We have several modules in Effectplan that simplify your business and make it easier for you to make the right decision on time. In addition to our own modules in Effectplan, we can also integrate other solutions such as QlikView, Qlik Sense and Microsoft BI.

System administration

System administrators maintain users and authorisations, and also objects. They also look after fixed installation objects such as currency and different set-ups that apply for all users. System administration can be managed by central IT and/or central finance.

Planning – Budgeting and Forecasting Module

The Budgeting and Forecasting Module is a financial planning tool. The module contains a number of tools that make it easier to build templates and create processes, workflows and different kinds of calculations that you need for budgets and forecasts. There is the facility to build a template that is used by many or a unique template for each organisation. What is particularly good about the Budgeting and Forecasting Module is the fact that it can be maintained entirely by financial professionals.

Planning – Enhanced planning

The module for enhanced planning can be used in combination with financial planning. There can be different kinds of plans that operate on an ongoing basis during the year, such as product, project, cash flow and cash.

Effectplan is similar to Excel inasmuch as you can freely define rows and columns with different kinds of calculations, yet at the same time achieve a clear relational structure by using your follow-up objects with consolidated follow-up.

Reporting Module – with no consultancy support at all

All reports can be set up by system administration and require no consultancy support. The Reporting Module provides users with access to their reports, directly in the stored budget and forecast combined with the actual outcome. From your stored forecast, you can go directly to a report or consolidated data, and zoom down to underlying objects such as products or projects. From this base data you can choose to view the reports pivoted in different perspectives and easily change comparative figures.


The Reporting Module can be supplemented with a Dashboard that makes it possible to present data graphically and gives users a quick overview of their operation, with planned and achieved goals.


Effectplan for Qlik

Improve opportunities to make more innovative decisions, by embedding Qlik’s platform into Effectplan as a separate module.

QlikView and Qlik Sense offer decision support, known as Business Intelligence, which presents important business information in a simple way. This information serves as base data so that you can make quicker and better decisions for your business.

Effectplan for MS Power BI

Microsoft BI can become part of Effectplan and be embedded into Effectplan’s interface, giving user a window on their decision support.

This information serves as base data so that you can make quicker and better decisions for your business. Microsoft BI retrieves information from Effectplan from several data sources regardless of which other IT systems you are currently using.

Microsoft BI gives you relevant data in real time. Data can be retrieved from, for example, HR, sales, time reporting, warehouse or finance systems and combined with your planning process using Effectplan.

Effectplan for Tableau

In the same way as for Qlik and Microsoft Power BI, Effectplan offers the facility to embed other modern BI tools such as Tableau, for example.


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