Budget and forecast made smarter

Is your situation determined by absolute quality requirements and time pressure? Do you feel there is more that can be done on the basis of your expertise, but you have limited time for analysis? Do you spend a lot of time and energy looking in the rearview mirror instead of strategically planning ahead? Then you are by no means alone. This is why we developed Effectplan.

We had your situation in mind. Effectplan is a budgeting and forecasting tool tailor-made for your organization and needs defined with the two most senior positions of the accounting department in mind: The CFO and the controller.

With Effectplan, you can look forward and strategically manage the company through the next accounting period. Break down strategic plans into specific targets each month. Make rolling forecasts that always match the latest figures. This will enable you to work proactively and contribute to giving you deeper insights into your business. The accounting department will be made stronger and wiser.

Time spent on budget work will be drastically shortened – normally from three months to one month. You delegate and improve efficiency in your organization. You gain time for analysis and discussion.

Effectplan is all about correct and reliable figures as well as the people behind them. The expertise of the controller is fully utilized with more time for analysis. The CFO gains increased quality and security and focuses on future control and direction. Cost center coordinators work more efficiency and transparently. In addition, Effectplan saves you time to focus on work, fosters collaboration and ensures that no one will need to work overtime.

Effectplan is currently used by 120 companies and organizations in a variety of industries and by large corporations in the retail, industrial, wholesale, pharmaceuticals, real estate and game development sectors. Effectplan has users in all corners of the world.

Experience the Joy of Planning.