Effectplan is a budgeting and forecasting tool

With a really good tool for budgeting and forecasting, you can guide the company towards defined goals and also identify those parts of the organisation with there is potential for improvement and, possibly, new business opportunities.

An effective planning process brings many benefits

  • Forget about version management in Excel and have more time for analysis
  • Go over to rolling forecasts
  • Streamline work and leave more time free for adding value

Many companies are using in-house budgeting systems in Excel. Preparing, maintaining and compiling budgets often requires a great deal of manual work. In many cases the Excel model is managed by one person or a small number of people, which creates a high level of dependence on individuals. In order to streamline and improve the budgeting process and avoid risks, more and more service companies, construction companies, municipalities and many more industries are implementing budgeting systems.

Effectplan contains

  • Administration
  • Planning with budgets and forecasts
  • Business planning
  • Reporting of plans
  • Analysis (Embedded)

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Why Effectplan

Effectplan is a web-based system that gives the user a better understanding of their planning. We have simplified the process and the tool’s basic functions. This means that you can streamline the planning process in calendar time while at the same time the organisation as a whole can reduce the time spent on budgeting and forecasting.

Effectplan is the system that takes the organisation from conventional budget processing to business planning with more work on rolling forecasts that are activity-based.

Effectplan gives organisations a planning solution for its financial and operational requirements. Effectplan is flexible, innovative and powerful, while at the same time it is built for “Self Service”.

“Effectplan is easy to find your way around and there was a short learning curve. It’s easy to work out how to manage it, which is a major benefit.”

Inger Söderström, CFO – Bluegarden

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Go from strategic planning to tangible goals

Go from communicating goals and strategy at a high level to developing annual operational plans, rolling, long-term forecasts with full control and modelling in one single solution.

Effectplan is adapted to work for your particular business. Effectplan can operate at a high strategic level, but also offers detailed planning models that provide greater insights and impact on profitability.

Budgets and forecasts for your role

With Effectplan, all central roles in the company receive a planning solution that both meets their specific needs and streamlines and takes budgeting and planning to a new level. Effectplan has been developed on the basis of your situation and your needs.

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Budgets and forecasts for your industry

Most industries have the same basic parameters for their planning. They have different revenue models and ways of valuing and planning their expenses, but they still have more similarities than differences. The opportunities that arise are used for different things by different companies. Here you can see how we view the benefits identified for a selection of industries.

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