Quick, smooth and secure

Two days after the order has been signed, you receive a link to the installation. It is available as a SaaS solution (in the cloud), so you don’t need to have your own hardware on site. You choose whether you want to continue with the SaaS solution or whether you’d rather have a local installation transferred over to your environment.

Full control over your customised solution

After startup, we hold workshops at which we develop a suggested solution based entirely on your needs. We apply a tried and tested, efficient and time-saving project model that is fully adapted for Effectplan. If there are aspects that require more in-depth investigation, they are set up as separate activities while we start work based on the suggested solution produced.

projektmodell_bildIn our projects, you don’t need to spend a lot of time in unproductive meetings, we work directly in
Effectplan from the outset.

Take your planning into the future