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Effectplan takes organizations from a conventional budget to operational planning where you use rolling and activity-based forecasts. The company gets a better understanding of its planning and a simplified process that cuts down the time spent on budgeting and forecasting. More secure, smarter and giving you control over the future.

Whatever your position or industry, you get a unified platform that meets your specific needs over several processes. Now you get a planning solution for your financial and operational requirements with all the functions an organization could need for its planning:

  • Administration
  • Financial and operational planning with budgeting and forecasting (free dimensional planning for lines, projects, products and production)
  • Operational planning
  • Plan reporting
  • Analysis (embedded)
  • Improved accountability and openness
  • Rolling forecasts without manual efforts

Go from strategic planning to specific targets. For clarity and collaboration within your organization.

Go from communicating targets and strategies at a high level to developing annual operating plans, as well as rolling and long-term forecasts with full control and modeling all in one solution.

Operating activities are usually disconnected from the business strategy, planning and performance. They should be connected, not living in isolated worlds. This is where Effectplan comes in to combine budgeting processes – from strategic to operational.

Effectplan adapts to function in line with your business. Effectplan can handle a high strategic level, and penetrating, detailed planning models that provide greater insights into and influence on profitability, the bottom line, strategic plans and operational implementation. Advanced functions support your strategic planning and short-term forecasts.

Major advantages for all positions:

  • Senior management engages in strategic planning and then adopts and disseminates the company’s targets and targets for the entire business.
  • CFOs and controllers can quickly compile and manage plans, link operational and financial plans, compress the budget process and see the overall financial effect of various strategic decisions.
  • Functional management monitors and manages several scenarios and their impact on the company’s expenses, revenues and P & L.
  • CIOs implement a single user-friendly solution that supports numerous planning processes, optimizes IT resources and distributes IT costs simply. Easily integrated with other ERP system standards and cuts costs of administration and maintenance. Choose SaaS or your own environment.
  • Managers can assess the financial consequences of decisions on strategic implementation, manage planning processes (strategic, rolling forecasts, regular forecasts, HR plans, production plans, resource plans) and simulate the financial consequences of different possible choices.