Effectplan as a SaaS cloud solution

You can install Effectplan as a service in a SaaS cloud solution or install it in a Private Cloud. You can even perform your own installation if you wish. Effectplan is built for a modern, standardised platform that is supported by most companies’ IT solutions. Whichever solution you choose, we use the latest technology.


By utilising the benefits of scale in Effectplan’s SaaS service, you can focus on using it instead of the technology and pay a rental cost per user. By focusing on the user and function instead of technical maintenance, expensive security solutions and updates, you can create a cloud-based platform without any need for investment. All you need is an Internet connection.

The systems are located in a security-classified server hall with its own power supply. The environment is secured to resist any attempts at hacking or virus attacks with guaranteed high availability. Communication between the user and SaaS is encrypted, and as no part of the system is installed locally, no sensitive information is transported via the Internet. The data is backed up and there is continuous adjustment and optimisation of the installation (patches). As a SaaS customer, you will always have the latest version without paying for an upgrade.

Private Cloud – what we recommend

We currently have a large number of customers who are using Effectplan via a Private Cloud, and this is also what we recommend.

  • Scalability
  • Measurement
  • Time-to-market

Just as with SaaS, you can use Effectplan as a Private Cloud. This gives you scalability, measurement and time-to-market benefits with a public cloud service without recurring payments to a service provider. If you have a group of several companies, this brings major benefits as you can access everything via the cloud. It is a good idea to use this solution together with Shared Services, in which a central organisation owns the Group’s business support and delivers the services internally using, among others, Effectplan as a tool.

On Premise

You can choose to install Effectplan locally in your own or an outsourced IT environment, giving you better control over all the hardware. We install it on virtual servers to achieve better economy and scalability.

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