Short implementation time

We’ll have you rolling with Effectplan 1.5 months after you sign the contract. Effectplan’s short implementation time was designed with customers like you in mind. It all starts with a joint workshop where a proposed solution is developed on the basis of your needs and you decide on how to proceed. We use a complete and clear project template created specifically for Effectplan. Enjoy value from day one.

The training phase is early on in the project and is based on a target model and the proposed solution.

Your company gets access to Effectplan in our SaaS solution (cloud) immediately in conjunction with your order. This is even the case if you are planning to install Effectplan on your premises, and this enables you to avoid waiting for the IT department and technical implementation. Once IT has all the hardware in place, we move over the application and the work that was done on your premises. If you choose to put Effectplan in the cloud, no installation is required, and instead you continue on the SaaS platform.

Easy to use

The basic idea of Effectplan is logic and simplicity every step along the way. As a result, all users – regardless of their position – understand what to do without reading long instructions.

Effectplan comes with help functions, but the system is built in such a way that everything the user needs to do is connected in a logical chain. Example: Create a template with additions and link object rows to additions so you can then set functions as drivers for each object row. All from the same screenshot.

Examples: The template is easy to understand, expand and minimize for those involved in planning. Use unique drivers, such as registering the number of employees and thus enable all rows of the template related to the number of employees to be filled in. The rows could be all payroll-related costs.

Unique template management

No internal need for internal or external consultants. Experience the security of flexible template management which the controller can build and maintain on his/her own.

Effectplan makes the hard stuff easy. Template management is one example. Effectplan is simple, but includes all functionality organizations can expect to use for their planning. The controller builds templates and sets drivers on his/her own. Copy functions make it easy to go from budget to forecast or make a copy of a plan and use it for what-if and scenario management.

Once you have built the templates, it is easy to test the plans, put them in production and distribute them to the end users.

Simple maintenance

Effectplan is built by financial professionals for financial professionals. An intuitive interface gives each user for control while minimizing maintenance.

Effectplan sets itself apart from other systems by the fact that its administration can be performed by the controller and the planning process owner. Maintenance of templates and drivers is performed entirely by in-house staff without involving consultants. This makes your planning process completely self-sufficient. The process can be shared by many people in order to avoid dependence on a few individual central resources.

Basically, you get full control over your solution and your setup and you get several people who know how the system is set up.

Smart reporting module and analysis capabilities

Create new analysis capabilities using Effectplan’s proprietary reporting module and the ability to integrate with your existing BI solution. The reporting module gives you pivoting and graphic analysis capabilities, or you can choose your own modern BI solution from sources such as Qlik, Microsoft or Tableau.

Effectplan gives you more time for analysis. Effectplan cuts down on the time spent on registering and producing templates so you can spend more time on the right things. You also create understanding for the analysis linked to the plan. The reporting and analysis package which is directly linked to Effectplan will be sufficient for the vast majority of users. But you also get a flexible reporting solution that can be combined with your BI solution.

If you wish to combine data from Effectplan with your own data storage solution and project results in Effectplan, embed your own BI and displays the result in Effectplan.

Easy installation

Select a platform depending on your versions and needs. Run Effectplan as a cloud service (SaaS) or choose to install it locally in your own technical platform, with the capability to have several of the group companies in the same installation. Effectplan is based on new technology that gives you the freedom of choice. 

We start all projects with a SaaS solution, which allows us to get rolling quickly. If you choose to have Effectplan locally on your premises, we carry over the database as soon as your own platform is installed.