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Working here is pretty special. Concepts such as participation, joy and well-being are part of everyday life for our employees. Everyone must feel that they are developing at work – both in the office and out at our partners or customers’ premises. In other words, both heart and mind. Welcome to a team of skilled individuals.

We’re always looking for talented people.

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Development and challenge

We want you as an employee not to be afraid to let go and to move outside your comfort zone. It’s our way of assuring ourselves that you are developing both as a person and in your professional role. Your ideas are valuable, and creativity and the will to work are key elements as we lead developments by improving our customers’ internal processes.

Responsibility and reassurance

As an employee, you receive support in everything from pension arrangements to making sure that you have proper healthcare insurance. We give all employees six weeks’ holiday. We value and assume responsibility for ensuring that you as an employee feel secure in your position.

Remuneration system

We work in teams, and the remuneration system is fair and equal for everyone in the team. This creates harmony in the group, with everyone working towards the same goal. It also means that if you are a new employee, you have the right conditions to develop.

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