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We have delivered Effectplan to more than 300 companies since 2014. Below is a selection of some of our customers in different industries.

We have been running Effectplan for a few years now, and the best thing about it is that it’s so simple, yet still flexible. The problem in the past was that we had several different versions of the budgets, but no one knew which one was the original.

Sanna Björling, Controller, Fryshuset

Effectplan minimises manual maintenance, provides incredible transparency and contributes to increased commitment throughout the whole organisation. Furthermore, the integration with our existing BI system QlikView means that we now have really good opportunities for analysis.”

Stefan Buhr, Business Controller, Tibnor

We’ve shortened the budgeting process in terms of both time and resources. I feel that the overall quality of the budget is now better. Thanks to Effectplan’s simple integration with QlikView and the finance app, we’ve gained a better overview.

Marius Borsheim, Business Controller, Nettpartner

It’s almost incredible to have implemented a new system in such a large and complex organisation in such a short time. A credit to both parties.

Niclas Telje, Head of Controlling, the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration

We’ll be able to shorten the budgeting process including analysis to one month.

Jenny Grönvall, CFO at Fryshuset

Without taking too big a risk, I wanted to have a tool that was easy to set up, and to be able to work in a way that enabled us to develop the tool and the process as necessary.

Inger Söderström, CFO at Bluegarden

Working on the project ran as smoothly as you like. Effectplan has an uncomplicated approach that we greatly appreciate. They get straight to the point, and we felt that once we had described our work method in details, and after some initial preparatory work, we could do most things ourselves.

Ive Akkermans, IT Director, Nipro Europe

Improved quality of Yliopiston Apteekkisi’s budget process

Using Effectplan for our budget process has helped in speeding up the consolidation phase as all the data entered can be viewed real-time which gave me more time to analyze the budget, says Anu Littunen,  Business Controller at Yliopiston Apteekki.

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Nettpartner simplified their budget process with the help of Effectplan

We have shortened the budget process in terms of both time and resources. I think that the whole quality of the budget has improved. We have a better overview thanks to Effectplan’s simple integration with QlikView and the finance app, says Marius Borsheim, Business Controller, Nettpartner.

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Swedish Air Navigation Service Provider (LFV) chose Effectplan as part of the digital transformation in their organization

This is outstanding. It is exactly what I want. This will make it so much easier to extract reports and create diagrams on the basis of comparisons and make use of this in the forecast, says Niclas Telje, Head of Controlling at LFV

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Fryshuset shortens the budget process to one month

“We will be able to shorten our budget process including analysis to one month, says Jenny Grönvall, CFO Fryshuset”

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Bluegarden has shortened its budget process to one month with plenty of margin

Without taking too big a risk, I wanted a system that was easy to set up, and to be able to work in a way where we can develop the system and processes as we go along, says Inger Söderström, CFO Bluegarden.

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Nipro Europe invests towards making a major change in the budgeting and forecast process

Working in the project was very straight forward. Effectplan has a no-nonsense approach which we highly appreciate. It’s very to the point and we felt that after we had described our approach in detail and some intial groundwork was done, we could do a lot of things ourselves, says Ive Akkermans,  IT Director, Nipro Europe.

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