Swedish Air Navigation Service Provider (LFV) chose Effectplan as part of the digital transformation in their organization


The Swedish Air Navigation Service Provider (LFV) had a customized budgeting and forecasting solution that reached a point where a change was needed to meet the digital transformation LFV’s organizational structure was about to undergo.

The challenge was to find a system that shortened the budget process while enabling budgeting on a project level.

Our objective was to be more proactive and less reactive. There were several Excel budget versions flying around our organization even though we had one system. We wanted to move away from users’ own versions to reduce sources of errors, says Niclas Tejle, Head of Controlling at the Swedish Air Navigation Service Provider (LFV).

LFV was about to conduct a major upgrade of its Business Intelligence support, and at the time they were procuring a new budgeting and forecasting system. The first step involved installing a new modern BI solution. Step two in the process was to introduce a new budgeting and forecasting system. LFV needed a dynamic solution with the ability to retrieve data from other systems and handle the complexity of the organization, which entails substantial requirements for systems and suppliers.

LFV’s solution

Effectplan’s budgeting and planning system was chosen, in part because the system is capable of integration with several different BI systems, in addition to having has its own reporting module. In line with LFV’s long-term plan to create a modern technological environment, the solutions implemented must be capable of advancing in tandem with LFV’s requirements for the systems on an ongoing basis.

The Swedish Air Navigation Service Provider is in the process of implementing a major costcutting program lasting until 2019. As a result, LFV has several new processes and systems. The organization also has plans to grow even more internationally.

The budget process was changed in parallel with the implementation of Effectplan and there are now more people within the organization actively working with budgeting in the system.

Because Effectplan was launched in conjunction with a new budget process, it turned out to be quite a difficult transition due to all of the organizational changes.

For Niclas Tejle and Patrik Meijer, Project Manager, it was of the utmost importance for employees to have a positive experience of both the system and the process.

The organization had an overall positive response to the system. says Patrik Meijer.

They clearly see the advantages and it has saved time both centrally and for users. Overall, the system provided a much simpler overview on all levels. The drill down functionality is very important to us. The system was so easy to use that we budgeted in greater detail than I had thought we would be able to. The simplicity of the system is so appealing that it is easier to go into detail, says Niclas continues.

Speed and quality have increased and we will save time in the future.  We didn’t want a system with a solution specially adapted for our organization. We needed a standard system with the capability for quick updates, says Niclas.

I am very satisfied. We had several performance issues in testing, but now have good performance and it works well, Niclas continues.

Implementing Effectplan

Due to the short implementation time for Effectplan and the launch of a new budget process within the organization, which had recently been reorganized, it was not a completely problem-free experience for users. As a result, employees need to feel that the problems they experience don’t fall on deaf ears. This makes the staff more active in starting to specify requirements and that is something management wants to encourage.

The new release of Effectplan includes extended functionality in workflows that makes it easier to connect more roles to the same user and easily use subflows. This was a request that LFV had, because managers have different rolls within the organization. There will be a comparison view in the reporting module where the user can compare different projects or cost centers in real time.

This is outstanding. It is exactly what I want. This will make it so much easier to extract reports and create diagrams on the basis of comparisons and make use of this in the forecast. Being able to do this directly in Effectplan without having to use QlikView is a big advantage for the user. The new release of Effectplan looks great, and is visual and simple, says Niclas.

Working with Effectplan

Both Patrik and Niclas consider the project a success in light of the tight schedule they had to work with, especially considering that the entire purchase process for a new system, including procurement, began in February 2015. After a break for summer vacation, the project was still able to launch a system ready for budgeting as early as in the fall.

It is on the verge of the impossible to have implemented a whole new system in such a large and complex organization in such a short time. Thanks to both parties. In hindsight, and with the new release of Effectplan, this will be a success story. A driven and skilled project manager and a supplier that listens well is a recipe for success. We have an agile working method where we have momentum via quick coordination. Direct and honest communication is essential. Effectplan listens to us, says Niclas.

The fact that we give feedback and feel that the supplier takes this feedback seriously gives me great confidence as a customer, says Niclas Tejle.

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