Nipro Europe invests in improvement of the budgeting and forecasting process

Nipro Europe was in a situation in which they had an Excel-based solution and were looking for something more structured and easy to aggregate. They needed a system that would offer more control over the process by delivering a model with assumptions and key indicators that have already been defined in the program. They opted for Effectplan.

Nipro’s challenge

The number of spreadsheets continued to rise, as did the volume of data on the sheets, CFO Steven Wouters and CTO Ive Akkermans from Nipro Europe felt that they had reached a point at which consolidation of all the data had become a nightmare. The entire budgeting and forecasting process had started to affect the business, as it was a very cumbersome and complicated process to follow up in terms of consolidation and troubleshooting. With Excel, there was also the problem of version control.

“Users were finding themselves in situations where two versions of the budget started to live alongside one another, and ultimately they weren’t sure which figure was the correct one,” explains Steven Wouters.

Steven wanted more control and structure, and with Excel there is a major risk of changed formulas and layouts in a spreadsheet.

Nipro Europe’s solution

The introduction of Effectplan was the first major step towards changing the budgeting and forecasting process. Nipro Europe could now get to grips with the problems and business needs that had been put forward over a long period with regard to problems of consolidating and reporting to the parent company.

“Effectplan is easier to use than an Excel spreadsheet, and more precise,” says Ive Akkermans.

Effectplan gave Nipro Europe a web-based tool that provided more control over the process by delivering a model with assumptions and key indicators that had already been defined in the program. The system also gave them and their managers more control over the workflow and made it easier to analyse data in real time. Troubleshooting was also easier, as there were no longer multiple versions of the budget.

A more clearly defined process

Steven believes that the main benefit of the introduction of Effectplan is that they now have the conditions and opportunities to build a reliable solution for the future describing how they should deal with their internal matters without needing to bring additional resources into the process, which was the unavoidable turning point that they had reached.

Steven estimates that they will get a return from the investment in the form of a small workgroup, saving time on the process and time saved in compiling data.

Effectplan’s workflow functions are superior to Excel and we now have a greater degree of insight into the status of the process and less uncertainty about the figures, says Steven.

Nipro on working with Effectplan and Climber

Both Steven and Ive think that collaboration with Effectplan and Climber went smoothly. Climber is one of Effectplan’s partners in Europe for Effectplan.

“Working on the project ran as smoothly as you like. Effectplan has an uncomplicated approach that we greatly appreciate. They really do get straight to the point, and we felt that once we had described our work method in details, and after some initial preparatory work, we could do most things ourselves.”


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