The Swedish Civil Aviation Administration describes its success story with Effectplan

The Swedish Civil Aviation Administration (LFV) had a customised budgeting and forecasting solution that had come to the point at which a change was needed in order to handle the digital process of change that the organisation was facing. The challenge was to find a solution that shortened the budgeting process while at the same they wanted to produce budgets at project level.

“The objective was to work more proactively rather than reactively. Although we had a system, there were lots of Excel budget variants floating around in the organisation. We wanted to move away from in-house versions in order to reduce the sources of error,” says Niclas Telje, Head of Controlling at the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration.

The Swedish Civil Aviation Administration’s solution

The budget and planning system chosen was Effectplan, partly because the system can be integrated into several different BI systems, and they also have their own reporting module. In the long-term plan leading towards a modern technological environment, it must be possible to implement the solutions implemented on an ongoing basis in line with demands on the systems. At the same time as Effectplan was being implemented, the budgeting process was also changed and there are now more people within the organisation who are working actively on budgeting in the system.

For Niclas Telje and Patrik Meijer, who works as project manager at the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration, it was extremely important that there was a positive experience of both system and process.

“The speed and quality have increased and we’ll be saving time in the future. We didn’t want a system with special solutions for our organisation. We needed a standard system in which it’s possible to implement fast upgrades,” says Niclas.

Implementing Effectplan

The new release of Effectplan includes extended functionality in the workflow, in which it is easier to link more roles to the same users while at the same time being able to use sub-flows. This was a preference of LFV, as those people responsible held different roles in the organisation.

The reporting module will contain a comparison view where the user can compare different projects or cost centres in real time.

“This is brilliant. This is exactly what I want to have. It will make things so much easier to be able to extract reports and create charts based on comparisons and to benefit from this in forecasts. Doing this directly in Effectplan without needing to use QlikView is a great benefit for us.”

Collaboration with Effectplan

Both Patrik and Niclas feel that this has been a successful project with the tight schedule that had to be followed. Bearing in mind that the entire purchasing process for a new system, including procurement, started in February 2015, with a break for the summer holidays and the project was still able to launch a system that could be budgeted during that same autumn.

“It’s almost incredible to have implemented a new system in such a large and complex organisation in such a short time. A credit to both parties,” says Niclas.

“With what’s been achieved and with the new release of Effectplan, this will be a success story. A driving, competent project manager and an attentive supplier are the recipe for success. We have an agile work method in which we achieve momentum by means of rapid status checks. Direct, honest communication is the be-all and end-all. Effectplan listen to us.”

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