Budgets and forecasts for member organisations

The revenue model for member organisations is a simple one, while they have a very large number of projects and activities with staff-related expenses associated with the various activities. They may own their premises, which requires some cost control. The costs of travel and meetings are high, and can often take expenses in the wrong direction if they don’t keep your eye on them.

Why you should choose Effectplan as a planning system

Effectplan provides good support for member organisations, for example with its flexible template management. This means that you can work more efficiently on projects, campaigns and meetings that attract heavy costs and therefore require a higher level of detail. You can keep the big budget, while at the same time making plans for the unique activities, either partly or in full. If the member organisation also owns properties, there can be a separate budget that is integrated into the overall budget, even though it does not have the same activities.

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