Budgets and forecasts for municipalities

Municipalities run a lot of operations that are very different in nature. This brings difficulties in creating a joint system support function for budgeting and forecasting work that suits the whole organisation equally well.

  • Your organisation’s needs in one single solution
  • Avoid expensive consultancy rates

Administrative bodies with specific needs are often forced to hold back. Those that have educational or healthcare activities, for example, need driver-based planning. The number of children and pupils or the number of hours of healthcare need to generate both revenue and expenses in accordance with a certain logic. These activities are extremely labour-intensive and this, combined with requirements for good forecasting accuracy, means that payroll costs are often planned at individual level in contrast to many other organisations.

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Why you should choose Effectplan as a planning system

Effectplan gives you system support for the budgeting and forecasting process that gives you the opportunity to meet the specific needs of the different activities in one single solution. Some administrative bodies can plan in detail with the aid of drivers, while others simply work with amounts being entered at a rough level. You receive support for the workflow, allocation of shared expenses, consolidation, reporting, top-down planning, etc. We have created a model adapted for municipal activities that we believe suits most users. It gives you the opportunity for system support for budgeting and forecasting work that suits everyone without adaptations and expensive consultancy hours.

“The challenge is a big one, but important.”

Mikael Winander, Business Architect at Effectplan
Mikael talks about his perspective on financial planning and its importance in the municipal sector.

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