Budgets and forecasts for the process industry

Planning in the process industry has many similarities with manufacturing industry in the form of its relations with customers and suppliers. Raw material planning with stocks in relation to customer order processing are important components, and production planning can be long-term or “just in time”, depending on the company. Cash flow, currency and investment plans are also important financial control instruments. Productivity combined with profitability per product – maybe even down to individual order – is a must for most process industries.

Why you should choose Effectplan as a planning system

The process industry is well-known for maintaining amazing control. Nothing slips by here, although that might mean that you can lose your focus. You can’t see the wood for the trees, as they say. Effectplan provides a good overview while at the same time you can combine the details with drivers that only take you down into the detail of what affects control.

Take your planning into the future