At Fryshuset there was an increased demand from the board and management to get a better overview of the costs of the various business operations and contributions from external donors.

There was a growing need for a modern and efficient system support during the budget process. The choice fell on a new budget system – Effectplan.


Fryshuset had at the time 400 employees and 70 different business operations with widespread economic needs, which also means there were 70 different cost centers to coordinate during the budget process. To add all cost centers and compile them manually in a single Excel spreadsheet was too much work and could no longer be managed. There was a need to speed up the budget work and avoid spending the entire fall working on the budget process as they have done in previous years.


Introducting a more modern system with an interface that is based on new technology. Hence, the choice of for new budget system was quite simple. With Effectplan they had a new more flexible solution that they could adapt to their operations, and get an analysis tool in the same system.


The time spent on the budget process has been reduced by half.  Because of the possibility to do detailed analyses in real time, errors can be corrected that may not have been detected before. Transparancy in the process, and possibility to search for specific accounts.

We have shortened our budget process including analysis to one month .

Jenny Grönvall, CFO Fryshuset


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