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Nipro Europe invests towards making a major change in the budgeting and forecast process.

Nipro Europe was in a situation where they had an Excel based solution and were looking for something more structured and easy to aggregate. They needed a system that would allow more governance over the process by delivering a model with assumptions and key data already defined within the application. The choice was Effectplan.


The number of Excel datasheets continued to increase, and also the amount of data in the ark. It was a very tedious and complicated process to follow up regarding consolidation and troubleshooting. With Excel, there was also the problem of version control.


Introducing Effectplan as a first step toward changing the budgeting and forecasting process and manage business needs when it comes to problems in consolidation and reporting. A web-based tool such as Effectplan allowed for more control over the process by delivering a model with assumptions and parameters already defined in the system.


A clearer process that involves more security around the figures, higher degree of transparency in the status of the workflow process as well as more accurate and easier consolidation.

Working in the project was very straight forward. Effectplan has a no-nonsense approach which we highly appreciate. It’s very to the point and we felt that after we had described our approach in detail and some intial groundwork was done, we could do a lot of things ourselves.” says Ive Akkermans, IT Director, Nipro Europe

Ive Akkermans,  IT Director, Nipro Europe


Nipro Europe is a global supplier of medical devices and has offices in Europe, Africa and Russia.



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