The Effectplan planning system takes you into the future

Effectplan is a unified, user-friendly planning system that includes everything from budgeting and forecasting to business planning, reporting of plans and analysis.

The Effectplan planning system contains

  • Administration
  • Planning with budgets and forecasts
  • Business planning
  • Reporting of plans
  • Analysis (Embedded)

Short implementation

Our Effectplan planning system also has a short implementation time, as little as 1.5 months. We start with a joint workshop at which a suggested solution is developed on the basis of your needs. We train you in Effectplan so that you are ready to use the planning system immediately.

Simple maintenance

Effectplan has been built by finance professionals for finance professionals. An intuitive interface gives every user full control and maintenance is minimised.

Effectplan differs from other planning systems in that administration can be performed by the controller function and the process owners in planning. Maintenance of templates and drivers is also performed entirely by in-house staff without involving any consultants. This makes you completely self-sufficient in the planning process. The process can be shared by many, in order to avoid dependence on individuals in a few central resources.

Smart reporting module and analysis facility

Create new opportunities for analysis through Effectplan’s own reporting module and the opportunity to integrate into your existing BI solution. You have the facility for pivoting and graphical analysis capabilities in the reporting module, or you can choose your own modern BI solution from, for example, Qlik, Microsoft or Tableau.

The Effectplan planning system gives you more time for analysis instead of spending hours on registration and producing templates. At the same time you can create an understanding of the analysis linked to the plan, and combine data from Effectplan with your own data warehouse solution.

Try Effectplan for 30 days free of charge

We have now made it possible to get started with Effectplan much more quickly by offering access to a faster start-up and smoother transition to a new system at a lower cost.

If you’re stuck in Excel or a cumbersome budgeting solution and would like to test a modern planning system to manage budgeting and forecasting, you can try out Effectplan for 30 days free of charge.

Take your planning into the future