Financial planning in the cloud

The powerful planning tool that streamlines your budget and forecast process

Powerful and efficient

Streamlines the budget and forecasting process enabling frequent execution with little resource utilization

Easy to customize

Templates, calculations, and other logic are configured using 'drag-and-drop' technology

Always updated

The tool is cloud-based and is always kept functional, updated, secure, and scaled to your needs

Effectplan in brief

Enhances goal achievement by turning your management accounting proactive and iterative

Increases ownership and accountability by empowering budget responsible managers

Facilitates collaboration and value added discussions throughout the organization

Provides support in meetings with your management team, board and stakeholders

Supports integrated, streamlined, and consistent performance management

Provides a well-functioning, agile, analytical, and efficient finance department

Frees up time for value-added analysis by minimizing manual repetitive tasks in the financial planning process

Effectplan for your role

Effectplan is the powerful financial planning tool that can be easily customized to fit your role and reality. Learn more about what it can do for you.



Budget responsible manager