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Effectplan International AB is a Swedish company that develops the budget and forecast system Effectplan. Our ambition is to deliver high quality and future proof solutions around Performance Management (CPM).

Effectplan started four years ago as a project within Konsultnet, who has worked with improving internal processes at a number of companies and organizations for over 20 years.

Early, we were able to identify that CPM and planning process often take a lot of time with companies because their system support is Excel or old budget systems. We also saw that we could help streamline the customers’ processes.

That’s why  we created the the budget and forecast system Effectplan, which enables companies to work more resource and activity based.  We involved customer companies in the development of the system to ensure that Effectplan really meets the needs and requirements of the management, CFO, controller and other organization.

The companies gave us more ideas and input on what they wanted to change in their routines to work more safe and efficiently and we can see the result of that today. Customers have been able to streamline and free up time for analysis while raising the quality of of the information. Exactly what we wanted to help the customers with.

Konsultnet Scandinavia AB has transferred the Effectplan product to the subsidiary Effectplan International AB.
The company is self-financed and lacks long-term liabilities.