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Effectplan is a modern budgeting system for budgeting and forecasting. We deliver high-quality solutions for Corporate Performance Management (CPM).

We identified a problem, namely that CPM and planning processes often consume a lot of time because many companies are using Excel or dated budgeting systems. Therefore, we created Effectplan, a budgeting and forecasting system that allows companies to work in a more resource and activity-based way. To ensure that Effectplan really met the needs of managers, CFOs, controllers and others, we involved our client companies during the development process.

We received feedback from a variety of companies. Today, we see the results in Effectplan. With an improved foundation, clients have been able to streamline their work and use their time more efficiently, with more focus on analysis and quality work. That’s what we’re here to help you with!

Effectplan International AB, is a subsidiary of House of Control Group AS.

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With Effectplan, you can guide the company towards defined goals and also identify those parts of the organisation where there is potential for improvement and, possibly, new business opportunities.

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A modern tool for those who want a little bit more. You can manage Effectplan yourself – with no consultants at all.  You may not want to put everything in the hands of consultants

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Try Effectplan for 30 days free of charge. Effectplan is a unified, user-friendly planning system that includes everything from budgeting and forecasting to business planning, reporting of plans and analysis.

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