About us

We help organizations improve their financial management by providing a powerful financial planning tool that streamlines the budget and forecast process. Effectplan has been on the market since 2012 and has gained users in over 100 countries. Since 2023, Effectplan has been incorporated as a business in the Visma group, the Nordic region's largest supplier of ERP-systems.

What drives us?

We want you to be able to proudly present a new modern budget and forecasting process where the planning tool Effectplan is the core. Effectplan helps you run the work efficiently, safely and securely, while engaging the entire organization and increasing responsibility. We are involved from start to finish in this change and have the experience to both understand and challenge your thoughts about financial management.

That's why it became Effectplan

The development of Effectplan began in 2012. At that time there were mainly two types of solutions that organizations used to manage the budget and the forecasting process.

Financial planning system programmed according to requirement specifications. This often meant reliance on the availability of expensive consultants to manage change.

Budget models set up in MS Excel with own resources. This often meant problems with unstructured data and inaccuracies where cells were overwritten or incorrectly linked.

The basic idea behind Effectplan was to create a cloud-based planning tool that:

Easily could be adapted to unique needs and managed self-sufficiently by the customer.

Ensures data quality through structured management of a generic data model.

The ambition is for the customer to feel that all essential needs are met without experiencing any dependence on external consultants or any individual person in the organization.


Charlotta Olsén
Head of Business

Ulf Bark
Head of Product

David Skoog
Head of Sales

Jonas Stierna
Head of Solutions

Mikael Winander
Head of Implementation & Support