The plannig tool for you as a CFO

Value-added financial management

Confidence in the numbers

Distributed responsibility

Why Effectplan suits your role

As a Chief Financial Officer, you are a key individual in your organization, with the essential tasks of creating and maintaining its financial well-being, governance, and control.

That you succeed in your role is crucial for your organization to become successful. Effectplan is a planning tool designed by finance people for finance people, with a focus on the CFO's main responsibilities. Effectplan provides you with, among other things:

Value-Added Financial Management

Effectplan simplifies the financial planning process for the entire organization and enables more frequent forecasting. Our experience shows that it increases interest in finance among budget-responsible managers. It becomes easier to create engagement and meaningful participation. Deviations can be identified, discussed, and addressed more quickly. Financial management becomes value-added.

Confidence in the Numbers

Effectplan streamlines the work for those responsible for the financial planning process. Less time needs to be spent on manual and repetitive tasks, and more time can be devoted to analyzing, understanding, and communicating the results of the process. The finance department can thus become more confident in the content of the planning and that the numbers are accurate.

Delegated Responsibility

Effectplan helps you easily delegate planning responsibility. Budget-responsible managers can contribute using relevant and well-known key figures while you centrally control selected parameters. This creates greater engagement and ownership among managers while retaining central control.

"We have acquired a modern budgeting and forecasting tool that has not only enabled us to achieve a more efficient workflow but has also resulted in better quality in financial management and increased participation in the organization."

Bo Frogner, CFO, SPP 

Easily Customized

Organizations are unique. Seemingly similar companies can have completely different conditions, goals, priorities, and ways of working. Effectplan has been developed to be easily customized and fit a variety of planning models. This is done, among other things, by combining and configuring a number of different functions.

Competent Partner

Choosing us ensures that you get a senior and experienced counterpart with us. Together, you discuss your unique situation and needs. This then leads to how Effectplan can be configured to support your budget and forecasting process.

You Become Self-sufficient

Effectplan is developed so that you can independently manage your own configuration if you wish. All necessary knowledge is provided during implementation, including training. If you still wish for assistance, we are always just a phone call away.