Our planning tool

Effectplan combines distributed planning with central control. 

In a world of continually increasing demands, it's easy to feel inadequate. When under pressure, the creation and maintenance of sound financial management can quickly become a challenge. 

This tool streamlines the budget and forecasting process by facilitating distributed planning while retaining central control. Responsibilities are shared, and quality is enhanced. As the process owner, you can focus on central frameworks and guidelines, while budget responsible managers can concentrate on their part in the bigger picture. This is the tool that both you and your organization need to ensure effective financial management.

Budgeting & forecasting

  • Functionality in multiple modules
  • Support a variety of budget models

Reporting & analysis

  • Real-time updated consolidation
  • Tables & graphs on role-based dashboards
  • Seamless display of reports from BI tools

Integration & data connections

  • Import from ERP system
  • Export to data warehouse
  • REST-based API

Budgeting and forecasting

Our financial planning tool efficiently supports you in creating a decentralized planning process while maintaining central control. It allows you to spend more time on value-added analysis and discussions and less time on manual repetitive assignments.

Examples of planning where Effectplan is being used:

Profit & Loss statement and Balance Sheet

Personnel expenses on individual or role level

Service- and product revenues including related cost of sales

Investments, depreciations and Cash-flow

Department, project and product planning

Percentage of completion in the construction industry

Report and analysis

Effectplanprovides real-time updated reports at any desired consolidation level. All amounts and KPI's are easily available and can be visualized in tables and graphs. This helps you keep track on the financial performance, identify trends and patterns. You get an early-warning-signal where you quickly can act on discrepancies and initiate corrective actions.

Integration and data connections

Effectplan is prepared for quick integration. Integration enhances the quality in the financial planning process as well as analysis of it's outcome.

There are ready-made data connections

Import of data from a number of different ERP-systems

Export of data to data-warehouse and BI-systems

All relevant datacan be retrieved or loaded through the standardized REST-based API

Powerful and efficient

To conclude, Effectplan is a powerful planning tool that streamlines the budget- and forecast process. You will have more time for value-added analyses and avoid manual repetitive tasks. The tool is tailored to fit your specific needs, promoting responsibility and engagement throughout the organization. It helps you create proactive financial management, enabling you to take early actions to steer the business where you desire.