The planning tool for you as a FP&A manager

In your role as a Financial Planning & Analysis, FP&A, manager, you are faced with complex financial questions every day. The results need to be delivered quickly and presented in a meaningful context. Time for analysis is limited. There is untapped potential that you and the organization can greatly benefit from.

  • The security of overseeing the entire planning process centrally
  • Quality in plans and processes without creating stress
  • Promoting collaboration and teamwork throughout the organization without the need for budget meetings
  • Financial controls and monitoring of deviations
  • Streamlining processes for operational and financial management with full transparency
  • Peace and an entirely new work environment
  • Quality and control over the planning process

Regardless of whether you work in a municipality, county council, government agency, or in the private sector. The challenges in the budgeting process are often the same


A system that starts with you

Normally, you use systems that others have chosen. They work, but they are not always optimal. Effectplan is developed by economists for you as a FP&A manager and for your organization, based on a modern and time-saving way of working.

Satisfied CFO sees increased quality

With Effectplan, you can use a unified and common strategy to run and manage many business processes. From the strategic plan, the initial annual budget, the monthly forecasts, to closing the books and generating reports for analyzing results and profitability and producing high-quality information for management.

More efficient interaction

You own the planning processes and work more smoothly and decentralized towards cost center managers, who are responsible for filling in their figures themselves. Pre-filled figures by cost center managers mean, among other things, more efficient and better-prepared meetings.

More time for analysis

The system creates space and allows your analytical skills to shine and bring value to the company. No more stress and overtime. You'll have a significantly calmer workday with time for what truly matters.

A stronger position

The time freed up is used for tasks where your analytical expertise helps the CFO and the company move forward. You also gain a stronger position in relation to the cost center managers and become part of a stronger form of collaboration and teamwork throughout the organization.


Effectplanis designed to support the work of the entire organization. The environment is user-friendly, and there's no need to understand scripting languages or complex calculation engines. All attention can instead be focused on the goals of the operation. Maintenance can be handled by you internally, with minimal need for external consultants.

"This is brilliant. This is exactly what I want. It will simplify a lot to be able to extract reports and create charts based on comparisons and take advantage of this in the forecast."

Niclas Telje, head of FP&A, Luftfartsverket